THE BOOK: In 1858, the Ditisheim brothers made a grand entrance onto the watchmaking scene: their Manufacture was immediately noted for the quality of its products: complication watches, chronometers and chronographs. Located at the heart of the Neuchatel mountains, the cradle of Swiss precision, it was to receive international acclaim at the Chicago and Paris World Fairs. Following the eminently successful career of these watchmakers, the work chronogloically retraces the milestones in the history of the Vulcain brand, world-famous for having invented the Cricket watch, the first alarm watch. Each step is recounted in detail right through to the brand's renewal in the 21st century, including with a presentation of new calibres.

THE AUTHORS: Laurent Duvanel is a freelance journalist. Michel Jeannot is a specialised watch journalist, a contributor to Bilan magazine and founder of the Bureau d'Information et de Presse Horlogère (BIPH) Foreword by the President of the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry, Mr. Jean-Daniel Pasche.

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